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Tips & Techniques Episode #5!

I wanted you to know that I just uploaded a BRAND NEW video to my YouTube Channel!

Today’s video is part of my TIPS & TECHNIQUES series of videos!

In today’s video, I show you how to create a FLOWER CURTAIN!!

Flower curtain is a transparent alternative to a Flower Wall.
It is lighter to transport, quicker and easier to install, use less flowers and serves as an elegant floral partition.

The quantity of flowers used can be easily adjusted by the number of water tubes that are embedded in the mechanics of the curtain. Also the twig/watertube garlands can be spaced very closely for a dense curtain as well as spaced farther apart for a much more airy effect.

They are well placed in all types of venues from very traditional spaces, to tents, to outdoor settings.

They can appear extravagant if filled with lots of exquisite flowers, or can look organic Bohemian when filled lightly with garden and foraged flowers and vines. The curtain adapts to all kind of spaces.
It is an efficient and profitable rental item for weddings and events.

It gives the designer the creative licence to arrange in many different ways!!

Hope you enjoy the new video, there will be more to come shortly!



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