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I always say that inspiration surrounds us every day. You just have to keep yourself open to receive them.

When I travel to a new foreign land, I find myself experiencing inspiration overload!!!

The best part of travelling to a foreign country is the exposure to a new experience, seeing a new perspective to an unfamiliar culture. The landscape, the architecture, the gardens, the geometry and patterns in objects, the fashion… everything is so intriguing, exciting and different!!

My trip to Oman was definitely inspiring. I was overwhelmed by my visit to the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat. It is a colossal, amazing piece of architecture – so picturesque with amazing gardens and meticulous attention to details in every square inch of the building and garden.

My biggest inspiration came from the outer halls which were lined with beautiful decorative mosaic panels, each one different from the next – showcasing the chronological progression of patterns and motifs over the Muslim culture over time. The vast collection of amazing color and geometrical combinations in association with linear elements are now catalogued in my mind to provide potential concepts for shapes and patterns to be used in my future designs. My mind is spinning with ideas from Oman!!



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