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Its another beautiful sunny day in PARADISE, in Bali…. So blessed to be back to visit my friend, John. He and I go way back… We were fellow competitors during the golden age of Floral Competitions in America – we were the children of that era of intense floristry, when competitive designing raised the bar on our continent. Everybody clamoured for education to be able to compete successfully.

I learned a lot in the process early in my career, and John as my fellow competitor showed me the way to the winning circle by taking first place to my second in my very first appearance at the National.  I remember after the competition, I took a careful look  at the designs (his and mine) and broke down piece by piece compositionally to try to understand why he won, and I came in second.  Through this process, I was able to define my direction of study to prepare for the following year.  I owe my win to John – he set the example to winning.

Since then, we have shared the passion for design – we published 3 books together. We have spent countless hours re-assessing the process to composition, the fundamentals of design – to de-mystify the process that makes us a BETTER designer.  As I sit here with John in Bali where he resides today…  the conversation still continues.

We have had our AHA!! moment already on this trip.  CONTRAST/OPPOSITION!!!!  We both agree that this principle is the difference maker.  It is the story-teller. It exudes tension in design, it conveys emotion, provides the melody, can make you cry, can make you discover, can give you faith and hope, and is the language for flowers!!  It is a life-changer principle of design.  CONTRAST provides us the best opportunity to express why we love flowers so much, to share our PASSION!! We can share the beauty of color, textures, line, form, space, fragrance of flowers with story of CONTRAST.

John, now what?  What problems of the world should we attempt to solve next??

February 14, 2017
March 29, 2017



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    Steve Seely

    February 22, 2017

    What a wonderful time in our lives you bring back. All the best for you both!

    • Hitomi


      February 22, 2017

      Hi Steve,
      Yes, it was a sweet time in the flower industry and for both John and I in our career. A little reminiscing here in Bali… Thank you for enriching the memory… we were talking about you. A fun time indeed!!!
      Hope life is good for you… as is ours. Love & xxxxxx


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