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I am really excited with this concept – its a prototype for table runner design!! – a 1 ft. section sampler.  Its quick to build, efficient to design flowers into it (does not require too many flowers to fill this structure), the structure gives you size already.

FLOWER LIST: Ranunculus hyb. var., David Austin Rose ‘Rosalind’, David Austin Rose ‘Carey’, Viburnum opulus and Jasminum polyanthus

SUPPLY LIST: (for 1ft. section)  2pcs of 1 x 4″ Pine board (12″ long), 10pcs of Bamboo skewer, 1/2 IKEA plastic place mat PANNA (green/round) cut up into strips, 1 IKEA Cork place mat AVSKILD cut up into strips, and 14 – 4″ clear plastic water tubes.

The bamboo skewers are drilled into the 1 x 4″s and glued solid with hot glue gun. Cork and plastic strips cut from place mats are also hot glued to the 1 x 4″ wood. The flowers are water tubed and inserted in between the strips of cork and plastic. These can be built in any lengths, and used in modules to extend to any lengths needed.

February 10, 2017



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